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A content management system automates the web publishing process, providing tools to organize the site, maintain consistent design and keep content current and accurate. The system enables contributors with no technical expertise to create, review, approve and post content, using templates that adhere to design and content guidelines. In essence, the system creates a decentralized process for contributing to the web, with key points of review and control.


Key benefits

Shorten cycle time for content creation since much of the process is automated
Establish workflow management provide authorized access to the content management system, institute approval processes, maintain versions of the site, etc.
Automate posting of content and deletion of outdated content, such as calendar items, time-sensitive announcements, etc.
Create templates for design and content
Create a central repository or archive of content that can be drawn upon for other purposes
Deliver personalized or customized content in web pages, email, etc. -- to specific audiences


Some content management systems include other functions or can be supplemented with applications to provide search functions, ecommerce, online work groups for projects, tools for monitoring traffic on the web site, etc.


Key issues

Workflow, functionality, ease of use
Ability to expand as the web evolves
Ability to operate cross-platform (diverse operating systems, servers, programming languages, databases, etc.)
Cost (licensing, software and hardware, implementation, maintenance, etc.)
Financial stability of vendor

CMS Templates


We recommend the use of TemplateMonster

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