Internet Connectivity for Networks

High-speed Internet access and data services have become a necessity in today’s business. High speed Internet access provides an important communication vehicle in disseminating and sharing information with employees, business partners, and customers. Utilizing the high speed of a T1 line, your company can maintain a dedicated Internet connection that will serve your online requirements completely. Each user on your network may have a direct Internet connection enabling fast, reliable and instant access to the Internet.


Dedicated T1 vs. Broadband

Reliability and stability are the most compelling reasons for a company to choose a dedicated T1 over cheap DSL and cable (“broadband”) connections.  If your company is planning on hosting it’s own email, web or other mission critical Internet services, then you will want to seriously consider the reliability of a T1.

Another reason to choose T1 over broadband is the ability to customize and use your connection any way your company needs.  Broadband connections tend to limit your selection of routers and firewalls, while also limiting your use of IP addresses.



In the unlikely event that your dedicated T1 line has a problem, service level agreements will almost guarantee the problem will be resolved within one hour.  This is less often the case with cheap broadband connections.  “You get what you pay for.”


Security Considerations

Designing and implementing efficient Internet-based (TCP/IP) infrastructures can be tricky and difficult.  Security will become your number one concern when an Internet connection is attached to your corporate network. TCP/IP networks can also quickly become very complicated and those complications can seem almost impossible to resolve without an experienced consultant.

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